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Branta ruficollis, (IN)Red-breasted Goose, (US)Red-breasted Goose , (FI) punakaulahanhi, (DE) Rothalsgans, (SV) Rödhalsad gås, (FR) Bernache à cou roux, (ES) Barnacla cuellirroja, (CA) Oca de coll roig, (IT) Oca collorosso, (NL) Roodhalsgans, (DA) Rødhalset Gås, (NO) Rødhalsgås, (PT) Ganso-de-peito-ruivo
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Kuva/Picture: 6braruf312

Kuva/Picture: 6braruf312
Aperture F-number f/4.0
Exposure Time: 1/640
ISO: 1250
Image information: Branta ruficollis & Branta leucopsis, Red-breasetd Goose in a flock of barnacle Geese, Punakaulahanhi valkoposkihanhien parvessa. Finland
Time from camera: 2020:10:23
Camera: Canon EOS-1D X Mark II
Focal Length: 600/1